Optimal Wellness Coaching


What is Wellness?

People in poor health will often engage medical professionals to treat their illnesses. On the healthier side of the spectrum, people in good health focus on prevention and even better health. This is what we call wellness.



Wellness is Multi-Dimensional

Wellness includes attention to the following areas:

  • Physical (healthy body via exercise, nutrition, sleep, etc)
  • Mental (ensuring cognitive fitness by learning new skills, problem-solving and creativity exercises)
  • Emotional (in touch with one’s own and others’ feelings)
  • Spiritual (connected to one’s meaning and purpose in life)
  • Social (meaningful connection with others and one’s community)
  • Environmental (consciously interacting with one’s environment ensuring its sustainability)
  • Relationships (experiencing a fulfilling significant relationship)


Optimise your Wellness

To kickstart your personal Optimal Wellness Strategy call for an appointment. We will help you to align your values and personal aspirations; establish your goals and priorities around your important areas of wellness; and we will help guide you towards an optimal sense of well-being.

To kickstart your personal Optimal Wellness Strategy

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