Can we make friends with stress?

03 Jun


This TED talk has been viewed more than 10 million times! I urge you to watch it, particularly in this time of the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

We are urged to consume a relentless, toxic diet of fear-filled messages. The media ply us with messages aimed at informing us (certainly) but equally (and for differing reasons) scare us into submission and isolation. It is no wonder many of us feel helpless and stressed to the point of becoming ill with worry.

Not to detract from the real danger of acquiring this virus and the necessary awareness of protecting ourselves, it is equally important that we see a bigger picture. The human body’s stress mechanism is designed to protect and keep us safe. The consequences of constant stress need not necessarily be negative. There are decidedly useful and socially engaging aspects that you may not have thought of.

Once you’ve heard the talk, I hope you will be able to make friends with this human condition. Enjoy!