Our World Closed for Repairs

04 Apr


Such an appropriate meme for these strange times, isn’t it?


The world itself is not broken, of course. Rather it is the way we humans live that needs examining. For example, we have some unsustainable beliefs and systems in the way we treat our environment. Long-held traditional behaviors have collectively caused an imbalance and need adjustment. So a mandatory upgrade in consciousness is underway.


Lockdown or Sheltering in Safe Harbour or whichever euphemism works for you, there’s a scary and unfamiliar experience settling in on millions of human beings as we tackle this unseen enemy, the Covid-19 Virus. Many of us have had to simply stop. In pausing, we are learning to appreciate the unfamiliar quiet, and focus inwards. We gradually realize that it’s futile being angry or fearful. Instead, we come to see the situation as an extraordinary opportunity to focus our energy into changes needed in every sphere of life. Our world expects this of us.


I’m excited to see how our new world will eventually look. A world that is more in balance, that cares for the environment, the people, animals and everything that sustains this marvelous blue planet of ours. I’m looking forward to removing the masks and gloves and seeing the sign: OPEN FOR BUSINESS!