Towards a more mindful festive season

03 Dec

mindfulness at the beachThere is most certainly a critical mass build up in the collective unconscious today towards being more mindful, more present, more in the NOW.

Perhaps one reason for this is that we are increasingly needing to find a ‘mainstay’ that we can hold onto in a changing and unpredictable world.

Another reason is that it allows us to feel connected to our own sense of being and in doing so, we slow down and become more engaged with everything around us, and ultimately to know that there’s no separation between what’s outside of us and what’s inside of us.

I’m finding the more I become assailed by aggressive and manipulative marketing to buy! buy! buy! the more I want to withdraw into myself. Make no mistake, I frequently capitulate to the seductive gimmicks since I love to give gifts, and I love receiving them. And I love the atmosphere of the approaching Christmas holidays which mean for me the expectancy of happy re-connections with friends and family (of course, this is not necessarily the norm for everyone!), delicious food and drink. And, yes, gifts.  However, as the consumer hype builds up into some kind of frenzy reminiscent of the recent Black Friday stampedes at some US and UK retail shops then I know this is not the kind of celebration I want to be part of.

So, I’ve committed to simply not worrying about the frenzy ‘out there’ and rather attend to that which I can control, that is, my response to the frenzy outside. Although I’m talking about the upcoming holidays, this is true for all the days ahead. I’m choosing to quieten my busy mind and rather savour as many precious moments as I can.

This has been a good year where I’ve had the privilege of accompanying many people on part of their journeys. Not matter how the journey presented itself – sadness, confusion, as well as moments of inspiration – with each and everyone I have learned and grown from our sacred meetings. Thank you one and all for allowing me a window into your lives.

Wishing all my readers, known or yet-to-know, a very happy and meaningful December.