Virtual Consultations

07 Sep

Online counselling, Skype therapy, E-therapy, virtual consultations are some of the names we give to consulting with a health professional online.

This is not new, of course. More and more we do business online. We purchase books, clothes, motor parts, holidays, do our banking, grocery shopping and much more via our smartphones or PCs today. Medical consultations online are also becoming the norm as the practical advantages of discussing a concern with a patient who lives in a rural setting, or being confined to the house, are apparent.

South Africans are currently experiencing a recession and so money is tight. The time saving and financial advantage of not driving to a face-to-face consultation is clear. Virtual consultations are more affordable than face-to-face meetings; convenient for those with physical limitations; informational and educational for personal and interpersonal problems.

There are, however, some facts to consider before going the online counseling route:

  • Medical Aids do not presently pay for virtual therapy consultations
  • Serious clinical cases such as major depression or other psychiatric illnesses should only be dealt with face-to-face
  • Privacy and confidentiality cannot be 100% assured due to hacking or other nefarious third party acts
  • It is difficult or impossible for online therapists to respond to immediate crises (suicidal thoughts, personal tragedy) due to geographical distance.

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